About Suki

Suki Roth_IndianPipeMy Inspiration

My first vivid memory, the one that started my growing fascination and longing for an intimate connection to nature, happened long before I could walk. While in my Grandmother Anne’s flower garden, at the age of 11 months, an adult had the presence of mind to lift me up into an Apple tree in full bloom. My newly evolving consciousness exploded with the first awareness of my own 6 senses.

Growing up in the suburbs of New York City in the early 50′s, I had hours of exploration and discovery in the green haven of Westchester County. I was delighted by alluring plants such as skunk cabbage and huge weeping willow trees. These green allies were my first teachers. Who were these botanical beings, each so unique, each so capable of holding my total attention, thoroughly immersing me in the present moment?

An overland journey through Eastern Europe and Asia in the early 70′s sparked my interest in natural healing. Among native peoples I witnessed many examples of successfully using plants to resolve common health problems.


Lost Art?sr

Haven’t we been using plants as food and medicine since time remembered? I was curious as to why we had lost the art of self-care, our power to stay vital and balanced. Was there a way back to the Garden of Eden? The birth of my two beautiful daughters opened a deeper need in me to find natural ways to support life. At that point I knew I would dedicate as much of my life as I could to relearning what I had lost, the art of working with and using plants for healing. I discovered that taking plants in natural form, such as foods, teas and whole tinctures, makes them more bioavailable with fewer side effects than taking pharmaceuticals consisting only of concentrated chemicals. For past 21 years I have apprenticed, studied and immersed myself in relearning the dance of the plants.


SukiRoth_HerbWalkWhat I Offer as a Community Herbalist

I now find tremendous joy in sharing my love of herbal healing with my community through teaching, counseling and wildcrafting. I offer ongoing outdoor workshops from spring to early fall on identifying the medicinal and edible plants found growing in our Piedmont area, as well as their correct methods of preparation and application. During the winter months I offer evening classes on holistic approaches to acute and chronic illnesses. I offer individual herbal consultations designed to help make choices for health and well-being through the use of herbs, along with diet and lifestyle counseling.

Call me for an herb walk on your land or in your backyard to be reintroduced to your green teachers and allies. Take a workshop on plant communication and learn to open your heart to the subtle sensations, clues and messages the plants offer, teaching us what nutritional, medicinal and spiritual powers they possess.

I have created a full line of Botanical Medicines – teas, tinctures, oils and salves, under the name Suki’s Blends. These are available to alternative practitioners, my students and clients, and the greater community.

The plant world is a constant source of peace, well-being, and healing.

Come join me in connecting to the Source.

Green Blessings,