The Apothecary at Herb Haven is where we create high quality teas, tinctures, salves and syrups from natural botanical ingredients. We make whole herb medicines directly from nature to create the most healing blends possible and we gratefully offer these to the wider community.

Making Medicine

We dry herbs from the garden in a heated drying room. We also use herbs from sustainable harvest suppliers. These herbs are mixed into teas or macerated with alcohol, glycerin or other ingredients to make medicinal tinctures. We use a hydraulic press to pour off these tinctures and separate the plant material from the liquid medicine. Each plant is prepared individually, then blended together into Suki’s formulas, known as “Suki’s Blends”.


The apothecary has been lovingly attended over the last 15 years by the apprentices who have blessed Herb Haven with their presence, interest and love for the plants that grow here. Special thanks to those Kim, Lea, Frances, Monica, Sarah, Sommer, Sam, Francesca, Amber, Julia, Rakhee, Nicole, Amy, Frankie, Debbie, Sufia, Mary Julia

And of course there are many more people who have contributed their time, energy and “heart-work” to the Apothecary and Garden during Community Garden Workdays and other special gatherings here. For all the generous support, we offer our gratitude!